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1. Is Vitiligo contagious?

No, Vitiligo is not contagious, It does not spread by touching, sharing clothes, staying close with the person affected.

2. Can I pass Vitiligo to my children?

Vitiligo run in families. 30% of people with Vitiligo have a family member with the disease. But it does not guarantee that parents with Vitiligo would definitely pass the condition on to their children. There are many cases of Vitiligo people who has no family member with that condition.

3. Is Vitiligo life threating?

No, Vitiligo is not life threating. But it can cause tremendous social embarrassment and thereby psychological impact on the patient.

4. Will Vitiligo lasts forever? How long I have to take treatment?

Vitiligo is not a short term or acute disease. It is a chronic disorder which progress gradually. But with proper ayurvedic treatment it will get treated from its root. Ayurvedic treatment is considered as best medical treatment for Vitiligo. If proper diet restrictions are followed and the complete course is taken the treatment can be stopped as per the physicians advised.

5. I was told that Vitiligo could not be treated, Is that correct?

No, Vitiligo can be treated. If the treatment starts initially it is cured also. Still depends on the site where Vitiligo has appeared, as lip-tip ends are difficult to treat.

6. What treatment options are available?

There are many treatments available like topical steroids, puva light therapy, psoralen medications but all have their limits and side effects. But in Ayurveda, it is safe and is root cause treatment.

7. How long does it take to treat Vitiligo? When should I expect results?

By Gurumaa Ayurvedic Skin Clinic’s medicine the results are seen in 2-3 months and complete root cause treatment will take around 20-22 months.

8. Are some parts of the body that are harder to treat than others?

Yes, lip-tip ends, genitals are the parts that are harder to treat, rest part are treatable.

9. Is it safe to use hair dye or bleaching with Vitiligo?

It is recommended that if you have Vitiligo, you should avoid hair coloring and bleaches as these products contain phenols. It may cause the onset or further spreading of Vitiligo. Natural colorings which do not have phenols or phenol derivatives are generally accepted as safe.

10. What are the food restrictions during Ayurvedic treatment?

Milk, Milk products, Excessive citrus fruits, Preservative added food, Brinjal, Banana, Pineapple, Tinned food, Non-veg, Eggs, Sea-food etc are the restrictions during the treatment, still it depends on patient to patient.

11. Once a spot repigments, Is it permanent?

Yes it is permanent, Don’t have to continue medicines for life time, provided followed by proper diet instructions suggested by your doctor.

12. Should I use sunscreen?

It is always a good idea for people with Vitiligo to use good quality sunscreen, whenever they will be spending more than few minutes in the sun.

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